1. honeyonbeez:

    Green Dot paired up with Hollaback! to create a plan for being an active bystander with street harassment. Here are some examples of ways you can stand up to harassment when you see it happening around you:

    Direct Green Dots

    • “Hey knock it off”
    • Tell the person you will call the cops if they don’t put that thing away.
    • “Are you ok”
    • Go stand next to the person being targeted so they know they are not alone.
    • Ask the target, “Are they bothering you?”
    • Take a picture with your phone
    • Look disapprovingly at the person doing the harassing behavior
    • Offer to get off at the next stop with the target and catch the next train together.
    • “Get away from her/him”
    • Don’t join in or laugh.
    • Loudly say “ugh, that is so gross”
    • Talk to your friend later about why you thought what they did or said was uncool
    • Ask the target if there is anything you can do to help
    • Tell the harasser you saw some cops on the corner and you are worried they will get in
    • trouble if they don’t stop.
    • Tell the target that the harassing behavior wasn’t ok and you are sorry it happened.

    Delegate Green Dots

    • Find the Foreman on the construction site
    • Call the police
    • Tell a transit authority worker
    • Yell “Somebody do something!!!!!”
    • Get a group together to intervene
    • Text a friend who is on the subway with you and ask them to HELP!
    • Make eye contact with some other bystanders and ask, “What should we do to help?”

    Distract Green Dots

    • Ask for directions
    • Offer the target your seat
    • Start a flash mob
    • Act like you know the target and say “I’ve been looking everywhere for you – we have to hurry to meet our other friends”
    • Drop your bags to create a commotion
    • “Accidentally” spill your coffee
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